Saskia Eng (Edinburgh's Got Talent Winner 2013)
reviewed Feb '13

Saskia has been having lessons with Gillian at Rearview for about 6 months now and has already learned so much. Saskia looks forward to every lesson and always comes home telling us about something new she has learnt. Saskia has had the oppourtunity to sing with a live band with Rear view which she really enjoyed and Gillian goes out of her way to help Saskia in any way she can. I would recommend Rearview to singers of any age, Saskia is only 11 but has a very good relationship with gillian and felt relaxed and comfortable after her very first lesson. I am overall very impressed at how much Sakias voice has improved in the last six months and believe the relaxed but professional nature of her lessons has a lot to do with it. Lee-Ann (Saskia Engs mum) 

Padraic Hamrogue (Sister Act - Kings Theatre 2015)

reviewed Feb '15

Having auditioned for 'Sister Act: The Musical' and landed the role of 'Curtis', I figured I needed to get singing lessons to strengthen and improve my voice. Having enquired to Gillian at RVM and having had my first lesson, I was ..***** Having auditioned for 'Sister Act: The Musical' and landed the role of 'Curtis', I figured I needed to get singing lessons to strengthen and improve my voice. Having enquired to Gillian at RVM and having had my first lesson, I was instantly transformed. As stated, I was fresh to the whole musical scene, and Gillian explained in detail the mechanics of singing, scales, tones, warm ups................the list goes on!

Gillian boosted my confidence and I felt I have learned a lot from her alone. She was always in touch, asking about things I need to do (certain warm ups etc.). Even during show week at the Kings Theatre, Gill was in touch asking how did I get on.

The best feeling was coming off stage after singing to over a 1000 people every night and getting great reviews from bloggers, such as the following from

‘Padraig Hamrogue’s portrayal of Curtis was reminiscent of the black and white gangster movies – his menacing demeanour coupled with a bluesy bass range created an imposing mobster who demanded respect through fear’

Gillian at RVM made the above review possible. Anyone thinking about getting into musical drama or wanting to learn  ANYTHING about music, get in touch with Gillian. She is an encylopedia of knowledge when it comes to music and anything relating to it.

THANK YOU GILLIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sharon Sharron

reviewed Nov '13
I recently went to Rear View Music for singing lessons. My teacher was a lovely lady named Gill. I learnt a lot from her and she was really good at putting me at ease as I was particularly nervous about singing in front of someone. As well as this I thought she explained the theory really well. I would definitely recommend her to others, without any doubt. I have nieces who also love singing and am thinking about taking them there too. Keep up the good work Gill, I appreciate your help.

Dan (on our Facebook page)

December 2013


Megan McCormick

reviewed Nov '12
I have been getting singing lessons with Gill for about a year now. I have loved every single lesson and would recommend them to anyone. I have learned so much in my lessons and have sang a whole range of songs which I never thought I would be able to do.

Amber Stronach
reviewed Sept '13
RVM Scotland has been really helpful to me, helping me gain more confidence and really improving my vocal range 10 fold over the last 6 month. Very Professional but friendly environment and it is a pleasure each lesson. For anyone seeking Vocal Lessons in Edinburgh, I highly recommend RVM Scotland

Liz Jarvis
reviewed July '13
Singing lessons with Gill are incredibly fun! She teaches in a way that is inspiring, easy to understand and totally enjoyable. I have been attending lessons for 4 months now and there has been a definite improvement in my voice already. I feel so much more confident in my abilities as a backing singer and, having recently taken part in a ROCKING showcase with my fellow singing students, I am looking forward to developing my skills further. Bring on the next challenge!

Karen Murphy
reviewed Feb '13
I've been having singing lessons with Gill for about 6 months now and can't sing her praises high enough! RVM have given me the opportunity to sing with a live band and sing songs I never even dreamt of being able to sing and thought were well out of my range. Gill's constantly trying to increase my confidence and giving me wee nudges into things which previously I was terrified of and didn't believe I could do. The lessons are really relaxed and friendly and I always come away from them with a smile on my face. I hardly even notice that I'm learning half the time as I'm having so much fun! Would definitely recommend RVM to anyone looking to learn how to improve their voice and build their confidence levels, and more importantly, to enjoy doing so!!!

Edinburgh's Got Talent

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